Some of you may already know me and for those who still do not, let me tell you a little about myself. I have lived in this area all my life and I have enjoyed introducing people to the wonders that are here..

I started several years ago to provide services and this has allowed me to meet wonderful people to whom I feel a deep admiration.

One day, I had the idea of ??creating an information centre for tourists but also for residents to provide them with information, so they can get to know the surroundings and the services that are available.

I want to make this site an access point for people looking for new experiences during their trip, to get to know the interior a little and learn about nearby activities.

This will include places to visit, fiesta, cultural activities, sports and much more.

Please send your ideas and discoveries to expand our list of activities so that we can publish them for the benefit of others.

We need your collaboration to make this site excellent:

I have put a lot of work and effort to get where we are. With your help, we can improve this website and this will give me immense satisfaction so that you and others can make the most of this place and this land.

I thank all the people who have already collaborated in the development of this website and thank you all for your contributions to improve the site in the future.

See you soon

Paco San Miguel